What are Reportable Super Contributions?

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Your reportable super contributions are the sum of any of the following:

Personal deductible contributions you may have made ( Your personal deductible contributions include any personal contributions you made to a super fund for which you can claim an income tax deduction on your individual tax return.)

Reportable employer super contributions your employer may make for you (those contributions your employer makes for you where all of the following apply: you influenced the amount or rate of super your employer contributes: the contributions are additional to the compulsory contributions your employer must make under any of the following: super guarantee law: an industrial agreement: the trust deed or governing rules of a super fund: a federal, state or territory law.

For the 2009-10 income year and all future years, your reportable super contributions will affect the income tests for some tax offsets, the Medicare levy surcharge, and certain government benefits and obligations.

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