Keep your Tax File Number safe

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Beware of Identity Crime

Your Tax File Number (TFN) is a key part of your identity while you are in Australia.

It is an important form of identification when you start a new job, open bank accounts and apply for government benefits. Keep it secure.

Protect your identity by protecting all your personal details, including your TFN. Keep your passwords and TFN safe and never record or store them where they could be stolen, such as in your purse or wallet.

Only certain people and organisations can ask for your TFN, the most common being:

  • the Tax Office when discussing your tax records
  • your employer after you start work
  • your bank or other financial institutions
  • Centrelink
  • your superannuation fund.

If you think someone else has used your Tax File Number, or it has been stolen, phone the Tax Office on 1800 060 062.

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